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Varying Approaches to Hyperconverged Infrastructure, or Why This Over That?

Hyperconverged Infrastructure has matured to the point where most organizations view it not as a primary selling point, but as an implementation detail. Yet, as any good architect knows, details matter.

Matt Leib has designed for many customers and wants to ensure that he is paying attention to the details that matter regardless of the architecture being used, be it HCI or otherwise. Matt dives into the various features and limitations to keep in mind when designing an HCI based infrastructure.

In my role as an architect for enterprise customers, I don’t like conversations in which the quote for the equipment is the only concern. I much prefer to ask probing questions along the lines I’ve discussed above to help the customer come to terms with their more important needs and make the recommendation based on those needs.

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Ken Nalbone

Ken is an IT infrastructure professional with over 15 years experience. His areas of specialty are the software-defined data center and cloud technologies. In addition to being a writer for Gestalt IT, Ken is an Event Lead for the Cloud Field Day and Tech Field Day series of events.