An Introduction to Tetration

If you’ve heard about Cisco Tetration but haven’t really dug into the details, you should check out Katherine McNamara excellent introduction to Cisco’s workload discovery, protection, and security solution.

Once you get through that, be sure to checkout the rest of her series on Tetration:

Katherine McNamara comments:

So, what does Tetration do? If you read the Cisco Tetration site, it states that Tetration offers holistic workload protection for multi-cloud data centers by enabling a zero-trust model using segmentation. Let’s take a step back and think about what a workload is: A workload is an endpoint or server in a data center or cloud that’s providing any sort of function. Let’s say we have a web tier that consists of three servers. If two of those servers are virtual machines and one is a bare metal server, Tetration would see that as three workloads. A workload could be a virtual machine, bare metal server, VDI environment, etc.

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