Cisco’s Latest AP Comes With A History Lesson

The 4800-series: 5.6 pounds of Cisco wireless goodness

Cisco’s new 4800-series access points have a feature list to make you drool. 4×4 802.11ac Wave 2 radios,  a built-in hyperlocation antenna array, and BLE beacon support.  But on top of this, Lee Badman looked at the documentation for the device, and got a history lesson of how fast the wireless market has changed.


Lee Badman comments:

It’s interesting to reflect back, on operating systems, PoE, radio technologies, and feature sets. As Wi-Fi has gotten more pervasive, it has also gotten more complicated on every level. Seldom is the latest access point THE story any more, now it’s about all of the features that come with the whole ecosystem that the vendor wants that access point to operate in- if we as customers buy into the bigger story.  I’m not passing judgement on anything with that statement, or intentionally waxing nostalgic (well, maybe a little bit).

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