Cloudistics, Pica8 Partner On New Cloud-Managed Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Sometimes when looking at new enterprise IT products, it’s important to remember how we derive meaning from words. If we look back to the work of Ferdinand de Saussure, we of course know that the spoken or written word, the actual word itself, is a signifier. That is to say, it points toward something. What it points to is the concept or meaning, which in Saussurian linguistics is called the signified.

So why bring this up? Well we’re well past the day when converged infrastructure was the buzzword, but I thought we still at least a year or so for the heady days of hyperconverged infrastructure. Now Cloudistics is pushing us toward the regrettably foreseeable future, superconverged infrastructure. Personally, since it doesn’t seem the category has a ton of traction yet, I’d like to propose uberconverged, totes-converged, ultraconverged, or Xtremeconverged. Also, my spellcheck hates me right now.

But Cloudistics is taking a crack at competing with Nutanix and Cisco HyperFlex. Their solution bundles two Xeon CPUs, up to 128TB of flash storage, a Dell switch running Pica8, all managed as a virtualized appliance. Their main differentiator is while the hardware and workloads are local, they’re offering a cloud based controller.

The hyperconverged space is pretty crowded with a lot of big players, so I’m not surprised to see Cloudistics try and forge a new category. That’s why I had to go back to old Franky Saussure, you can make all the signifiers you want, but if no one knows what they signify, it’s just noise.

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Startup Cloudistics has launched a new hyperconverged infrastructure product that can be managed from the cloud. The company is partnering with Pica8, whose network OS runs the hardware switch in the Cloudistics appliance.

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