Coming to SD-WAN: The Build vs. Buy Decision

VeloCloud is offering a rather unique solution for SD-WAN. Instead of presenting themselves as a solution that an enterprise would build and deploy internally, VeloCloud takes a different approach. They’ve partnered with a number of Tier 1 and 2 Service Providers, integrating their service within their offerings, instead of using their offering as leverage for lower rates for customers.

Bob McCouch has an writeup about the pros and cons of this approach, as well as some thoughts on some of VeloCloud’s particular innovations.

Herding Packets comments:

Earlier this month, I attended Networking Field Day 13, where we heard from VeloCloud on their SD-WAN solution. Their presentation and case study got me thinking about how most businesses will consume SD-WAN and where business customers may fall on the “Buy” vs. “Build” spectrum.

At the outset of the NFD13 presentation, VeloCloud CEO Sanjay Uppal recapped some stats: VeloCloud has been around for just about 4 years, and at this point has around 600 enterprise customers and is deployed to about 50,000 sites. If VeloCloud was a product line from an encumbent networking vendor with stats like that, they would be declaring it as a very successful mainstream product. I point this out as I think it demonstrates that SD-WAN solutions and vendors are moving out of “startup” mode and into a mainstream solution.

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