E8 Storage Announces InfiniBand Support

If you’re not familiar with E8 Storage, they’re part of a new breed of storage companies that are providing fast, low-latency storage on commodity hardware. They do with via NVMe over Fabric, using an RDMA-like protocol to not impact CPU performance.

Previously the company has been using 100G Ethernet to do this, but the company just announced support for InfiniBand as well. It seems like the industry as a whole is slowly preferring using Ethernet as an interconnect, but as Dan Frith points out here, InfiniBand has a substantial existing footprint, especially in the HPC space.

Dan Frith comments:

E8 Storage recently announced availability of InfiniBand support for its high performance, NVMe storage solutions. They already do NVMe/F using 4 or 8 100GbE ports, and there’s now an equivalent offering using IB.

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