HPE Betting on Edge Computing

Although Antonio Neri has been at the helm of HPE since February, he still has a bit of that new CEO smell about him. So hearing him talk about HPE’s growth strategy, it feels like we’re getting our first look at how he will move and shape the company going forward.

It looks like going forward that the company will be focused less on infrastructure itself, and more so on the edge specifically. As part of this, they’ll be trying to go for a value-add by leveraging intelligence across their portfolio and presenting that to customers.

Given their assets from Aruba and SimpliVity, that makes a lot of sense, and show the strategic importance of those acquisitions paying off for the company’s future.

If you want to see what Aruba is working on and how this will tie into HPE’s growth plans, be sure to check out their recent Mobility Field Day presentation.

Source: ZDNet

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