Linus Torvalds Gets Out of Timeout

In case you missed it, Linus Torvalds has been away from the Linux development community. The famously feisty creator of Linux has had a reputation for years of being more than a little harsh to people on mailing lists. With the adoption of a new Code of Conduct for the Linux kernel development community, Linus stepped away in September to reportedly reevaluate his behavior going forward.

Well this soul searching seems to have come to an end, and Linus is ready to resume his role leading the dev community. He’s meeting with prominent devs at Open Source Summit Europe on an apology tour.

I don’t know how long I expected Torvalds to stay away from his namesake, but a month seems a little short. Still, if he’s satisfied the devs that he’s made some changes, I guess that should be good enough.

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Source (ZDNet)

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