Making the Case for SAN and NAS on AWS

Chin-Fah Heoh is a believer in the IT pendulum. That when we swing so far to the cloud as we seem to in recent years, inevitably there will be a pull back to something closer to the traditional data center.

As a self-proclaimed “storage dinosaur”, Chin-Fah cut his teeth in the days when SAN and NAS ruled the on-premises shared storage world. So seeing the announcement of AWS Outpost made him hopeful that IT was finally swinging back his way.

AWS Outpost essentially puts branded AWS servers in your four walls, providing you traditional AWS services with the benefits of on-premises storage. For Chin-Fah, this could lead to the return of SAN-like storage, but with an application, rather than infrastructure, focus.

It’s an interesting thought. It’s clear from the messaging at re:Invent this year that AWS realized the importance of hybrid cloud. Whether that’s the extent to which the IT pendulum will swing back, or we’ll see something more akin to what Chin-Fah is thinking will take some time to determine.

Source: Storage Gaga

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