Mesosphere, Kubernetes and the coming container orchestration consensus

It’s interesting to see Mesosphere adding support for Kubernetes. It certainly shows the gravitational pull of Google’s orchestration platform that almost all major players (aside from Docker) now support it.

But perhaps most interesting to me in this piece is the argument that Ray makes for Mesosphere’s own Marathon orchestrator staying relevant. By supporting stateful applications, it should have a long life within traditional enterprise operations. That may not be the exciting hotness that everyone’s talking about, but practicality may trump popularity for many organizations.

That being said, it’s hard not to be impressed by Kubernetes ubiquity at this point.

Ray Lucchesi comments:

Read a story this past week in TechCrunch, Mesosphere adds Kubernetes support, about how Mesosphere with their own container orchestration software (called Marathon) will now support Google Kubernetes clusters and container orchestration services. Mesosphere uses their own DC/OS (data center/operating system) to provide service discovery, resource management and networking for container cluster deployments across multiple machines. DC/OS sounds similar to … Continue reading “Mesosphere, Kubernetes and the coming container orchestration consensus”

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