NAS Effect: 10TB Western Digital Red Drives

Western Digital is enabling the network attached hoarder in your life. They’ve beefed up their WD Red and Red Pro lines with up to 10TB per helium-filled drive. To hit this capacity, WD is using seven 1.42 TB platters per drive, up from six on last year’s capacity topping 8TB models.

The other notable feature is a large 256MB DRAM cache on the new models, which allows for better read/write performance. The amount isn’t unusual in an enterprise-class drive, but nice to see regardless.

But the real story here is the capacity. Combined with the long-term reliability that the Red drive series are known for, that should be more than enough for your next NAS.

Anton Shilov Comments:

Western Digital has announced two new helium-filled hard drives targeting consumer and business NAS applications. The new WD Red and WD Red Pro HDDs increase capacity of WD’s NAS drives to 10 TB, boost their performance and also reduce their power consumption. Therefore, the new drives enable makers of NAS units to increase capacities of their products to 80 TB (or 160TB) while increasing speeds and cutting down power.

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