Network Collective launches The History of Networking Podcast

The good folks over at Network Collective have launched a new video series called the History of Networking. Their not-so-humble mission is to present conversations with people who helped invent the Internet and modern networking. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.

For their inaugural episode, the Network Collective crew talks to Fred Baker. He’s a former chair of the Internet Engineering task force and author of some of the foundation elements of Quality of Service on a network. It’s a really great conversation, definitely check it out and subscribe!


Eyvonne Sharp comments:

As technologists, we often view our systems within the context of today.  We see current features, modern hardware platforms, and new technologies.  We don’t view the tools and protocols we use every day through the lens of history.

However, this myopic view of technology stunts our understanding.  Just as people, communities, and organizations have a history which shapes their present and future, so does technology.  Knowing our history, and understanding the problems which led to present solutions, will make us better engineers.

With this in mind the Network Collective crew, along with Russ White and Donald Sharp, is launching a new podcast series called the History of Networking.  In this series, we interview the individuals who built the foundation of modern day networks.  We’ll hear about the technical, political, and organizational challenges they faced solving real-world problems in IP networks.


Read more at: Introducing The History of Networking

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