NooBaa is acquired by Red Hat

Red Hat is still in the process of being swallowed up by IBM, which means there is still time for the open source stalwart to make an acquisition of their own. I’ve had some briefings with NooBaa in the past, so I was surprised to see that Red Hat was acquiring the company late last year.

Not that it doesn’t make sense. NooBaa offers a software-defined storage object store platform that’s easy to install on Linux or Windows. This is more about ease of deployment and use than a performance play. As Chris Evans points out, this is designed for smaller environments, but is also ideally suited for public cloud deployments.

We’ll see if this gets lost in the post-IBM acquisition shuffle, or if this becomes a more streamlined storage offering down the line.

Chris Evans comments:

This means it can be used on bare metal, virtual machines or in the public cloud.  Installation is relatively simple, with an entire cluster managed via a web GUI (and I’m sure there’s an API/CLI too).

Most servers in a NooBaa cluster act as storage nodes, while two or more servers act to store metadata and manage the storage components.

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