The Rate of Change in Enterprise IT

Before writing for Gestalt IT, most of my experience with technology was on the consumer front. This can put you in a particular mindset. I tended to focus on technology in terms of products. In many ways, while the product lives on and changes as it comes into the hands of the consumer, its generally an end-point of process. Moving into looking at the enterprise made me realize what I was missing. In the enterprise, the process is the technology, and people are part of that process.

I love/dread the idea that today is the slowest pace of technological progress for the rest of our lives. If I’m focused on just the end-point of this, that means we get better technology faster. But now that I’m seeing the sausage getting made, the human cost of that progress is more than evident. Ethan Banks reflects this in his piece on the rate of human change in the enterprise.

Technological change is unavoidable, but how we react to it is variable. In organizations where risk aversion is the orthodoxy, it can be intimidating to advocate for change. But Ethan’s central thesis here is to take on that challenge. While it may put people out of their comfort zone, and often is at odds with undertrained and underfunded IT team, it’s the only way to get to better IT.

Ethan Banks comments:

Most enterprise networks seem to be stuck in the past. Why is this? It’s not the tech.

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