Sprucing up the lab with ioFABRIC & NVMe

Getting the most out of your home lab is essential for keeping up on certifications, and to keep expanding your skill sets in general. Matt Crape set himself the ambitious goal of expanding his home lab using the hopeful budget of $0.00, a man after my own heart.

While he had to dip into some Amazon gift cards for a little extra budget, Matt was able to expand his 3 Intel NUC setup using ioFabric and some NVMe storage. This allowed him to get much more efficient storage utilization by allowing him to use the NUCs’ storage and move on from a 3TB FreeNAS bottleneck. It’s an interesting approach, and shows how ioFabric can give you a lot of flexibility to boot.

Matt Crape comments:

Earlier this year I set some goals for myself, one of which was certification-related. For the sake of learning something

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