Understanding CNI (Container Networking Interface)

Much like with storage, the world of container networking is still a relatively emergent space. That being said, the landscape is not completely devoid of tools. Jon Langemak wrote up a look at the Container Networking interface, going over some basic configuration and setup. Somewhat confusingly, this can work with Docker’s Container Network Model, but not out of the box.

This is a pretty introductory overview, so if you’ve ever wanted to delve into container networking, Jon’s piece makes it easy. He’s planning a follow up that will go into more details on setting up some CNI plugins, so stay tuned to follow his journey in this interesting space.

Das Blinken Lichten comments:

If you’ve been paying attention to the discussions around container networking you’ve likely heard the acronym CNI being used.  CNI stands for Container Networking Interface and it’s goal is to create a generic plugin-based networking solution for containers.  CNI is defined by a spec (read it now, its not very long) that has some interesting language in it.

Read more at: Understanding CNI (Container Networking Interface)

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