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Amazon Enters 5G with AWS Private 5G

WLANs have transformed Internet connectivity in a way that was only in imagination up until the past decade. But connecting devices to fast-speed and reliable Internet is not the only ask that a user has. There’s still lots of room for improvement in the way connection and communication happens and 5G is the way to that. The 5th generation mobile network one-upped WLANs in their game by introducing the users to an even higher capacity network. 5G combines the trifecta of speed, range and portability to present an Internet connection which is faster and more reliable than all former generations.

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Amazon steps up the 5G game with its private 5G. Amazon’s private 5G is the latest in 5G that is offering enterprises a private cellular network ready to deploy and scale on demand. Combining the low latency and high throughput of WLANs, AWS 5G is an Internet connection which has a setup as easy as the WLANs, the speed of 5G and the managed service of AWS. Automated setup and capacity scaling makes it the service for enterprises that require to add new devices and handle higher traffic on and off. That means you can order your private 5G cut to your precise requirements.

Kurt Marko talks in greater detail about 5G and Amazon’s new offering of 5G in his blog AWS makes 5G as easy as WiFi with Private 5G.  In his blog he writes:

The design, integration and operational overhead of private 5G is a severe impediment to most organizations, making it ripe for a managed service. AWS seized the opportunity at re:Invent 2021 by introducing a Private 5G product that provisions the necessary “small cell radio units, servers, 5G core and radio access network (RAN) software, and subscriber identity modules (SIM cards).” Configured via the AWS console, the service automates network setup and capacity scaling to accommodate new devices and increased traffic.

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