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Folio Photonics Is Bringing Back Optical Disk Storage

Folio Photonics, a 2012 data storage startup is working on bringing to the market a new disk system that can potentially be a more promising alternative to LTO tapes. Recently, the company announced that it is putting together an archive storage media using optical disks. Folio Photonics is revitalizing the now-stagnated disk technology by packing more capacity and performance into it. It will still be cheaper than tape.

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Chris Mellor writes an article on Blocks & Files titled “Folio Photonics archive optical disk technology is real” covering Folio Photonics’ new multi-layer optical disk system. In the article, Mellor dives deeper into the technology and explains why it could be a groundbreaking archiving technology. He writes,

Optical archive disk startup Folio Photonics says it has proved its multi-layer technology works with data written and read in the R&D laboratory. Now it can move on and get a commercially viable drive developed.

Folio Photonics Gives Optical Discs Another Try | Gestalt IT Rundown: September 7, 2022 Clip

Read the rest of the article – “Folio Photonics archive optical disk technology is real” to learn the more recent updates from Folio Photonics’ R&D. Stephen Foskett and Chris Grundemann also discussed this topic on the Rundown this past week which you can view in the clip above. To stay updated on all the latest news in enterprise IT, keep reading here at

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