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Going Back to In-Person Tech Events

After ravaging through families and communities for 2 years and longer, the COVID 19 pandemic seems to be leaving us for good. Battered and bruised, we are now coming to what seems like the end of this massive crisis. It’s been a long period of social blackout, no one can deny that.

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As exhilarating as it is to see life picking up earlier pace and rhythm, going back to social life after a wait this long is not exactly easy. If you are feeling a little bit shy, reticent, and awkward in company of people, you’re not alone. Pretty much everybody who had responsibly put their social lives on hold are now going through this period of early anxiety and inhibition. But as hard as it may seem, we must come out of this period of social apartness and be together with each other again.

Tech events and conferences are the best excuse for that, if your interests are inclined towards technology. These events are back on and if you are feeling safe, change into anything that is not a pair of pjs, pick an event and go. At the other end of the pandemic, conferences and events are better than they ever were, or do they just feel that way, everybody having stayed away and apart such a long time.

In this very relatable blog, Dave Benham, a Field Day delegate, talks about his experience of getting out and going into one such tech conference after a long gap of two years. In his article “Digging out of the COVID “rut” by attending in-person tech conferences”, he writes:

Last week I attended the Wireless LAN Professionals Conference (WLPC) in Phoenix, AZ. I’ve attended this conference many times in the past, but this one felt different. It was my first conference since February of 2020. This was also the first time I had met with a large group of my peers since around the same time.

Check out his article- “Digging out of the COVID “rut” by attending in-person tech conferences” to read about his feelings and experience of being “out there” at a tech conference after a long gap of two years, and what, in his opinion, are the key differentiators between virtual and in-person events.

Check out the Tech Field Day website for some very interesting in-person and virtual tech events happening round the year.

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