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Going to Cisco Live 2022 In Person

Cisco Live 2022 starts June 12th. With the event just a month out, tech professionals and enthusiasts all over the country are busy making bookings and getting registered. The in-person plus digital conference that happens in locations all over the world is attended by a huge community of tech lovers with diverse backgrounds in IT. This year, with the pandemic finally slowing down after 2 long years, more people are expected to attend in person than virtually.

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But if you, like many others, were on a break this past two years, then going back to an in-person event, one that is as big and busy as the Cisco Live may feel overwhelming if you don’t prepare ahead of time. Flight tickets have to be booked, hotel rooms have to reserved, registration have to be done and so much more.

Dave Benham, a Field Day delegate since 2019 offers a short and easy guide to attending Cisco Live 2022 in-person. In the article – “Quick Start Guide to Cisco Live” he talks about the event and what you can do to make the most of your time there. He writes,

Planning on attending your first Cisco Live? Or are you a Cisco Live veteran, but perhaps feeling a bit out of practice after the 2-year break from in-person events? Akin to my Cisco Live Survival Guide post, I hope this guide helps streamline the process leading up to Cisco Live. If you are looking for a more detailed guide, head over to that link. I’ve also included several direct links to the portions of the Cisco Live site below.

Read the rest of the article “Quick Start Guide to Cisco Live” for tips on how to plan for the trip.

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