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Is the 2020-2022 Chip Shortage a One-Off Crisis or Is It Telling of a Bigger Problem Just Under the Surface?

The problem of chip shortage that we are facing worldwide right now has been ongoing since over a year. Blame it on the pandemic, but in truth there is a multitude of factors that are at play here. When you count those in, it becomes not just a pandemic-time problem that will go away in a blip, but a perpetual situation that needs remedying.

The chip crisis has affected not just the car manufacturing industry and IT in large scale, but hundreds of other industries too and if IT industry leaders like IBM and Intel are to be believed, it is going to continue through 2022 at least. But this isn’t exactly a first in IT. If you go back a little, supply chain issues have been pretty prevalent through all the years. In fact, there has hardly ever been an out-and-out consistent supply chain.

The current shortage of semiconductors is indicating of the same supply chain management problem that has been simmering under the surface for years. It is this problem that Chris Evans, a Field Day delegate talks about in surprising detail in his blog- “Mitigating Storage Supply Chain Issues”. He writes:

The IT world does an amazing job to produce, ship and deliver components and platforms.  However, the global chip shortage has demonstrated the need for a solid and reliable supply chain.  How should we be thinking about our storage and other infrastructure, considering the ongoing problems that are likely to run into 2022 and beyond?

Keep reading his blog “Mitigating Storage Supply Chain Issues” on Architecting IT to find out what his opinion is on this global crisis and how he thinks situations like this can be circumvented in the future.

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