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Prepping a 2-Node Cluster for Split-Brain Syndrome

In tech, small footprints equal eco-friendly. Together with cost benefits, the promises of small setups have led a lot of small to mid-tier companies to opt for 2-node clusters. At a much smaller footprint, the 2-node config delivers performance, and availability, all the same reducing impacts, as seen in the StorMagic presentation at the recent Edge Field Day event. Compared to some bulkier configurations, this combination is a better fit for edge deployments.

Image: Sulagna Saha @ Gestalt IT

Although perfect in a lot of ways, a 2-node cluster configuration has one shortfall – it cannot handle split-brain scenarios unless designed to do so.

In his recent article, “Cluster with 2-Nodes only – How about quorum?”, Vladan Seget, independent consultant, and Field Day delegate, addresses this and proposes a workaround. He writes,

If you’re thinking about 2-Node cluster configuration, one of the challenges might be the question on how split-brain scenarios are handled?

To learn how you can get around this problem and still be on a small setup, read Seget’s blog – “Cluster with 2-Nodes only – How about quorum?”. For more such stories, sign up to our weekly newsletter and get notified about interesting posts from our community.

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