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Ransomware Attacks Are a Problem That Needs to be Dealt with Proactively

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise for quite some time now. With attackers finding a new and unsuspecting victim every minute or less, it’s become almost an obligation for organizations to expect the worst and gear up for it. Contrary to what some say, it is not really an overkill at this point to have a few extra protective measures in place. When there is no way of being sure that your organization will be spared from being targeted, the only other smart thing to do is to have coping mechanisms on the ready.

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Good news is today there are multiple ways in which you can safeguard your systems from all sides and in case of an attack, fight it off before too much harm is done. There are both preventive and corrective strategies to that end. While some of these strategies crank up your organizations’ readiness, others help recover in a minimum time. With these strategies at play, companies can successfully build a moat around themselves to stay safe from attackers in the digital space.

Molly Clancy’s informative essay sheds light on all those strategies and practices that industry insiders are exploiting to keep their digital environments a safe place. In her article- “Testing Your Ransomware Readiness”, she writes:

Every eleven seconds. That’s how frequently ransomware attacks were predicted to happen this year according to Cybersecurity Ventures. And if U.S. Treasury predictions are correct, the payouts from those attacks will exceed a billion dollars by the end of the year.

Be sure to read her article “Testing Your Ransomware Readiness” on Backblaze to find out how you can insulate your enterprise systems from a ransomware attack through proactiveness.

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