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Replacing VMware vCenter Converter

Earlier this month, VMware officially discontinued its vCenter Converter by taking it out altogether from its product downloads. As of today, vCenter is unavailable for download on VMware’s website. The reason for its removal, VMware states is that it’s a protective measure on their part. Legacy technology does not comply with their current standards of security and reliability, and this would discourage their customers from using it.

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Be that as it may, what can customers do meanwhile to keep the P2V journey going? There will be a replacement product for vCenter at some point I believe but until VMware comes up with it, what other converters can we use? Thankfully there are some great options with other vendors. Vladan Seget, a Field Day delegate, talks about a couple such options that you can use for a minimum-friction P2V conversion while availing some cool extra features.

He talks about it in details in his article titled “VMware vCenter Converter Discontinued – what’s your options?” In his article, he writes,

So the options you have when willing to converter physical hosts into virtual (Yes, there are still plenty and there are still projects on physical hosts) is to go and use other vendors’ tools. There are quite a few, starting with StarWind V2V converter (the tool can also doa P2V !!!) .

Read the rest of his article- “VMware vCenter Converter Discontinued – what’s your options?” to find out what you can use and how you can use it for your P2V conversion projects in absence of vCenter Converter.

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