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Solidigm’s New QLC-Based SSD P41 Plus

Early in August, Solidigm launched its new P41 Plus SSD. A former division of Intel that is now an independent SSD manufacturer in its own right, Solidigm since its origin in 2021 has been striving to reclaim its Intel-era market position. While on one hand, Solidigm continued with selling SSDs from the previous Intel SSD portfolio, it was also working on building this newer line of SSDs.

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The new SSD has the super-sleek form factor of M.2 format and is available in capacities 512MB, 1TB and 2TB. The P41 Plus has a sequential speed of 4,125 MB per second. Solidigm’s first consumer SSD since its split with Intel, the P41 Plus is not its first QLC-based SSD. It is its second generation, but the P41 Plus is not a typical QLC drive.

Long-time architect and Field Day delegate, Chris Evans takes a closer look at the P41 Plus in his blog – “Solidigm P41 Plus Synergy Storage Driver – Good or Bad Idea?” Drilling down into its specifications, he shares his views on whether or not this new SSD is a good decision for Solidigm. He writes,

The M.2 format SSD (sometimes called a “gum stick”) is an amazing evolution of flash technology. At FMS 2022, Solidigm announced the consumer-focused P41 Plus, up to 2TB in a PCIe 4.0 device weighing less than 7 grammes. Unfortunately the product is best operated with Synergy Software; is this the right approach?

To find the answer, read Chris’ blog “Solidigm P41 Plus Synergy Storage Driver – Good or Bad Idea?” For regular updates on storage media and other things related to storage, keep reading here at

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