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Storage Short Take #43

Although supply chain crisis has left tech vendors crippled for most of the pandemic years, chip and labor shortage are not the only news coming out of the industry. Storage is having a good year in terms of technological advancement. Vendors are immersed in fostering new partnerships, joining houses with other vendors, organizing conferences, tweaking techs and setting new trends. Some new storage solutions have been rolled out and there’s a lot more to come.

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With so much happening in storage, it’s hard to stay abreast of everything unless you have a comprehensive reading list of the news and blogs out there. J Michel Metz. Metz, an R&D engineer and a Field Day delegate compiles a list of highlights from the storage industry in his blogpost titled “A short one this time” where you’ll find links to some of the latest news and interesting articles on storage. In the post currently featured on his blog Dr. J Metz, he writes:

Here’s another article on using liquid media for storage capacity. Interestingly, there’s no discussion about the effect of temperature on a liquid-based storage medium.

Micron has announced that their 232-layer SSD technology could have chip-level controller functions. What this means, in plain English, is that many of the functions of an SSD can be split between the NAND chips themselves and a separate SSD controller, thus being more efficient and working faster overall. GestaltIT also has a take on Micron’s announcements.

For Metz’s recommended reads, check out his blogpost- “A short one this time”.

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