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The 3 Types of WiFi Networks

Every Wi-Fi network, no matter the type, is susceptible to security threats. In order to be able to configure the security settings correctly, or just to understand your Wi-Fi network better, you need to understand the differences between a Personal, Enterprise and Open network. In “WiFi Security: The 3 Types of WiFi Networks”, Jennifer Minella, a network security veteran and Tech Field Day delegate shines light on the characteristic differences between these three networks and discusses their security implications.

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She writes,

The designations of “Personal” and “Enterprise” and even “Open” can be a bit misleading and may not mean what you think they do. These terms have very specific meaning from the Wi-Fi Alliance and in fact are copyright to that organization.

To read her entire blog go to Security Uncorked. If you are starting out with WiFi or looking for ways to better your WiFi network, the recent Mobility Field Day event has a ton of resources in the form of presentations and demos. So, don’t forget to check that out too.

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