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The Effects of Data on Modern Societies

The age of information brings with it tidal waves of data that carry rich, valuable information. But that has a downside, and its more than a problem of data inflation. There’s a larger discussion happening out there, and it is about information warfare.

Image: Sulagna Saha (c) Gestalt IT

False information is being fabricated and spoon-fed systematically to the masses through the internet. And profit-seeking social media platforms with their poor moderation policies and practices are fueling this coup. Some of these platforms have wound up being mouthpieces for peddlers of misinformation, amplifying their voices and extending their reach.

This is a clear testament to the fact that information can both be a blessing and a curse. While on one hand, it is the lifeblood of civilizations and movements, the same information at the wrong hands pollutes young minds, and grossly manipulates the thinking of the masses. That is the power of information.

Chin-Fah Heoh, a storage evangelist and Field Day delegate talks about the yin and yang of data in his article- “Societies in crisis. Data at fault”. He writes,

The deluge of data is astounding. We get bombarded and attacked by data every single waking minute of our day. And it will get even worse. Our senses will be numbed into submission. In the end, I ask in the sense of it all. Do we need this much information force fed to us at every second of our lives?

Check out Heoh’s article “Societies in crisis. Data at fault” for an enlightening read on how information is the double-edged sword of the digital era.

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