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Top 10 DevOps Engineers to Follow in 2022!

IT like any other field is full of self-starters motivated to work their way to the top with sheer sweat and work. As a young professional in the world of IT, you may be braced to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and climb the ladder to the top all on your own, but you’ll realize before long that you can’t really make the climb without help from no one. So it makes sense to be part of a community of peers from early on so that you get all the right wisdom, knowledge and motivation required to be successful in your career. Thankfully the Internet has a plethora of options there.

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Today, the Internet houses a burgeoning community of IT professionals from all over the world who are filling it up with valuable resource that is making its way to people in need of information. If you are starting out in IT, or are just someone who is deeply interested in it, there are several influential DevOps engineers and IT insiders that you can follow on social media.

Sarah Lean, an ex-Microsoft alum and a longtime DevOps professional, shares her list of 10 DevOps engineers to follow in 2022. In her blog titled- “Top 10 DevOps engineers to follow in 2022” she names DevOps engineers from around the world who are worth following on social media. She writes,

Below is a list of ten DevOps engineers who are doing great things in the community that you should keep an eye on and follow them on Twitter or subscribe to their blog or YouTube channel — enjoy!

Read her article- “Top 10 DevOps engineers to follow in 2022” – to find out which DevOps engineers are trending on top and follow them to be a part of the bigger network.

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