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Time to Upgrade? What’s New With iPhone 11

It’s that time again; the release of a new iPhone that is sure to appeal to Apple aficionados. The iPhone 11 has a great mix of features, attractively priced for those who are ready to upgrade this cycle. Apple’s newest model boasts upgrades to the two areas that users care about the most: battery life and the camera. However, Apple users have grown accustomed to surprises, and this upgrade features more than simply a “better” camera and more time between charging breaks.

As Jason Snell pointed out:

We all like to remember the huge leaps forward, but much of the progress Apple makes is incremental. Even when the devices come in the same wrapper, new technologies are being added on the inside. That’s especially important to keep in mind in a year such as this, where all of Apple’s new iPhones are incremental updates to old models.

Thinking of trading up for the newest model? If so, you’ll want to check out Jason’s full review, iPhone 11 review: It’s one louder, isn’t it?, at Six Colors.

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