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11 Tips on How to Be a More Organized Network Engineer

Organization is something that escapes us all from time to time. I know I have a hard time with organization in my own work. Du’an Lightfoot has been writing a lot about certifications. One of the keys to being able to pass something like the CCIE lab is to stay organized. He lays out quite a few tips on how to get into the habit of staying organized and making yourself a better network engineer.

I found this tip pretty compelling:

You can’t remember everything and you shouldn’t try to. Use your brain power where you need it most. View your calendar as if its your personal Assistant. Let it work for you. Schedule out your entire day and look at it! Set reminders and alerts. These come in handy when you are stuck on those calls for issues that are non network related.

As I’ve told people recently, I always think I have a good memory. And I keep forgetting that I don’t. Make sure you check out Du’an’s blog for more great tips.

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