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The Under $800 VMware Quad-Core 32GB Home Lab

Jonathan Frappier of Virtxpert comments:

Because I am a geek, and my needs change, and this is what I like to do I often check out new hardware, cost features etc.  One of the things I wish I did on my 8-core lab was go for a smaller form factor case.  Pricing, as always is subject to change.  I actually prefer to buy most of my hardware on Amazon because I seem to have an easier time returning items that are defective but I’ll link to NewEgg.  You may be able to find a part or two for a bit less somewhere else which is always good.

Labs don’t have to be expensive to get the job done. If you build it right and take your time assembling the parts you can put together a pretty awesome setup for less than $1000. Read on for Jonathan’s list of parts and thoughts.

Read more at: The Under $800 VMware Quad-Core 32GB Home Lab

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