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802.11ac & 5GHz: The Emperors New Clothes? – Part 1

Nigel Bowden of Wifi Nigel comments:

The WiFi industry has been buzzing with excitement around the recently ratified 802.11ac standard. The promise of higher speeds, lower battery  usage  for mobile devices and the enforced move to the higher-capacity 5GHz band is enough to put a smile on the face of even the most  curmudgeonly  members of the WiFi fraternity.

I’ve been giving some serious thought recently to what the best  approaches  might be in terms of designing and deploying 802.11ac networks. There are obviously challenges as we move through the transition from legacy standards to the shiny new 802.11ac standard:

Nigel brings up some great points about 802.11ac and how 5 GHZ is going to cause spectrum issues for some devices.

Read more at: 802.11ac & 5GHz: The Emperors New Clothes? – Part 1

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