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HPE Acquiring Juniper Networks for $14 Billion | Gestalt IT Rundown: January 10, 2024

Two of the biggest players in the networking space are about to become one. Rumors started swirling on Monday evening that HPE was looking to acquire Juniper Networks and those rumors were confirmed yesterday. HPE will be paying $40/share or approximately $14 billion for all of the company. Juniper started off as a huge player in the service provider space before making strategic acquisitions of companies like Mist Systems and Apstra to become a force in the wireless and data center networking space. The move has the networking analysts abuzz with potential for integration of AI software as well as complementary product lines.

1:03 – Articul8 Spun Off From Intel

Intel is venturing into the AI-powered enterprise software market by establishing Articul8 AI, a new platform company backed by DigitalBridge. Originating from a collaboration with Boston Consulting Group, Articul8 developed a generative AI system designed for industries like finance, aerospace, and telecommunications.

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3:26 – Broadcom Takes VMware’s Top Partners Direct

Broadcom continues to make big moves in their consolidation of VMware. The latest comes in the channel partner space once again. The news is that VMware’s largest 2,000 strategic customers are going to be direct accounts for VMware and unavailable to partners. Partners will be unable to register deals with these customers and any attempts will be refused. The new policy is effective immediately so any pending deals will be denied and any confirmed deals without quotes will be refused.

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7:02 – IBM Acquires Two iPaaS Applications

IBM is set to acquire two Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) products, StreamSets and webMethods, from Software AG for $2.3 billion. The move is aimed at strengthening IBM’s watsonx AI and data platform, adding data ingestion capabilities and deeper integration tools for hybrid multi-cloud environments.

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9:58 – Wi-Fi 7 Is Finally A Thing (Sort of)

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced this week that they have officially launched Wi-Fi 7. While you may have already seen some products on the market with Wi-Fi 7 on the packaging they aren’t certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance because there was no certification program until this week. One important thing to note is that while there is a Wi-Fi Certified 7 program from the Wi-Fi Alliance, there is no ratified protocol yet. The IEEE is still working to finalize 802.11be, which is the protocol suite that Wi-Fi 7 will be based on.

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13:26 – Micron is Building FeRAM

At the December 2023 IEDM event, Micron unveiled a Ferro-electric RAM (FeRAM) concept that shows potential as a replacement for Optane storage-class memory. FeRAM, a non-volatile random-access memory, stores binary data through electric polarity in a ferro-electric capacitor. While historically limited to specific applications, Micron’s technology aims to broaden FeRAM’s use in data storage.

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18:11 – HPE Acquiring Juniper Networks for $14 Billion

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39:07 – The Weeks Ahead

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