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802.11ac & 5GHz: The Emperors New Clothes? – Part 2

Nigel Bowden of Wifi Nigel comments:

Extended Channel (UNII-2e) Device Support
Although we may be located well away from any obvious sources of radar interference, there may be other obstacles to the 5GHz nirvana outlined in the 802.11ac marketing briefs. One ugly fact affecting WiFi networks on the 5GHz band is that not all devices that use the 5GHz band support all of the unlicensed channels available in our region.
For instance, I recently purchased a Nexus 7  tablet  and was extremely  disappointed  to find that it only supports channels 36 to 64 (for the UK). The remaining available channels, 100 – 140 are not supported at all.

Nigel has some very excellent points about how our wifi designs will need to change when 802.11ac becomes a more prevalent technology.

Read more at: 802.11ac & 5GHz: The Emperors New Clothes? – Part 2

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