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Adesso MKB-125 keyboard review

Nick Buraglio of Nick Buraglio (dot) com comments:

Are you old enough to remember the amazing IBM model M keyboards?  I am.  And I loved mine.  I had  several of them as did my roommate from that time.

I remember in the mid 1990s working for a consulting firm in central IL, and during that employment one of the tasks put to us was to install a network with new PCs.  Since this was a large company we were doing this for, they wanted to write off all of their items being replaced (or so I was told), so we threw the old stuff into a gigantic dumpster.  During that install, we trashed likely more than 100 IBM Mechanical “clicky” keyboards.  A few of us were devious enough to stow a few away. Several of us them for close to a decade after.

Avid readers know of the love Stephen and I share for the IBM Model M. Nick has a great review of contender here.

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