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What Do You Know about Asigra?

Steve Beaver of The Virtualization Practice comments:

What do you know about Asigra? What if I told you there is a good chance that you have used its products but never knew it? During VMworld 2014 in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to sit in on a briefing from Asigra at the  Tech Field Day  Extra event. I had heard of Asigra before but could not have told you much about the company or its product offerings before this briefing. Asigra is a company that specializes in backup and recovery, and it has been doing so for over a quarter century.

The reason you might not have heard of Asigra is that it does not sell direct. It supports and invests in a global ecosystem of managed service providers (MSPs) and resellers, and it does not compete with its partners. That is why there is a better chance that you have used one of Asigra’s rebranded products than one branded with the company’s own name.

Steve has a great breakdown of a company whose product you’ve probably used in the past but didn’t know it. Read on for his thoughts on their Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld presentation.

Read more at:  What Do You Know about Asigra?

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