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Atlantis USX installation and configuration

Andrea Mauro of vInfrastructure Blog comments:

Atlantis USX (Unified Software-defined Storage) is a software-defined storage solution (100% software) that delivers the performance of an all-flash storage array at half the cost of traditional SAN or NAS.

First version was announced one year ago (February 2014) and actually there is the version 2.0 (announced on August 2014) with several interesting features.

The product is quite interesting and is both a storage virtualization layer and also a full SDS storage solution. The first aspect may possible add new features to existing storage, like, for example, (in the next release) add VMware Virtual Volumes support.

Great walkthrough of the initial setup of the Atlantis USX system from Andrea. Copious screenshots makes for a great guide when you’re new to things like this.

Read more at: Atlantis USX installation and configuration

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