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Avaya: Building the Shortest Path Bridge

Jake Snyder of Transmit Failure writes:

I know there are a few delegates out there who weren’t overly enthusiastic about Avaya’s very network-centric presentation and wanted to “Get to the Wi-Fi.”  But one thing we sometimes forget is that there is no Wi-Fi without the underlying network for that data to run on.  I honestly think the days of wired and wireless networks being built separately are coming to an end.  And as “Network Engineers” we must all think about the underlying architecture of the whole network.

Avaya’s Fabric Attach solution is a very complete package from a datacenter to campus SDN solution. From one perspective, the idea of creating networks that span entire campuses is very attractive.  It’s one of the things that traditional controller-based networks do in order to simplify IP address and VLAN management.  However SPB achieves this without the concept of tunneling all traffic to a central point and is not simply a network management system taking care of all the config for us.

Avaya’s use of SPB in the wireless edge is an interesting use case. Jake has more thoughts on it and how it fits into the bigger picture.

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