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Big Switch Labs for SDN Learning: A Sneak Peek!

Nick Buraglio of The Forwarding Plane writes:

At the time of this writing, the lab consists of 3 modules: Building cloud fabric, monitoring fabric and dynamic provisioning of monitoring fabric.  Since there is quite a lot going on with this cloud based SDN classroom, for the scope of this post I’ll concentrate on the first, building cloud fabric.  I’m a big fan of the CLI*, and one thing that jumped right out to me was that they provide the GUI and the CLI, and that the CLI is familiar to anyone that has worked on an IOS device.  The lab is useful, even for someone that has done some SDN, both on production or in a lab, in that it presents the fundamentals in a way that both demonstrates the purpose and function and lays out the technology and product.

From the technology presentation standpoint, the BigSwitch offering is quite impressive.

Big Switch is going all out by making their beta lab setup available for testing. Nick seemed pretty impressed by everything. Read on for his thoughts.

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