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Bummers in WLAN Land

Lee Badman from wirednot comments:

None of the following gripes are the industry’s biggest problems. At the same time, they are nuisances and occasionally rise to the level of major headache. Some of these apply to WLANs of all sizes, others are far more applicable to bigger wireless environments. The remainder? They’re just goofy. If any one of these were to be corrected or adjusted a bit, the wireless world we live in would be a little sunnier. In time, each and every one of these will “age out” and cease to irritate, but for now they are fair game to call out into the light  of day. I got me a license to bitch, and here it comes, in no specific order:

Lee’s got a lot to get off his chest about the state of the wireless world right now. And he’s on target for most of it. Seems that the biggest problem with fast wireless isn’t the infrastructure vendors, but instead the device manufacturers. Maybe time to turn up the heat?

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