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BYOD, EMM, Hillary Clinton and Me

Scott Davis of Talking Tech With SHD comments:

Which leads me to a classic example of this clash between productivity vs. corporate-supported tools that I experienced first hand and which demonstrated the driving force behind consumerization of IT. I was frequently delivering customer presentations and a common request was for me to share a copy of my slide deck. But my graphics-rich decks were usually larger than the corporate email attachment size quota. Corporate IT’s suggestions were impractical: either I should 1) delete some slides from my decks to make them smaller or 2) send out USB sticks via the U.S. mail. So I became an avid user of consumer file services such as Dropbox and Box. A true story!

Shadow IT has been a huge elephant in the IT department for a while. Now that it’s sure to be a talking point in a general election, you can promise that policies will be put in place to deal with it, right?

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