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The Cisco / Insieme ACI Launch, Part 1

Pete Welcher writing for Chesapeake Netcraftsmen comments:

As more comes out, we may all be amazed at the breadth of the vision. Some of the key Insieme personnel are … visionary, intense! With UCS and now perhaps ACI, Cisco may be demonstrating that there is virtue in allowing a new technology to settle a little, to have more time to analyze what is key in a market or technology. They have been participating: OnePK to provide agility, ability to change direction quickly, OpenDaylight for cloud automation support, 1000v as early service-chaining and to build skills working with the lead hypervisors and learn how to provide consistent functionality across hypervisors. And it appears that ACI now their attempt to define the market and stake out a position, with much more vision that the innovation around the edges that some other network device vendors have produced.

It was a pleasure to have Pete attend the Cisco ACI launch with Tech Field Day. His questions are very well thought out and I can’t wait to see where ACI goes from here.

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