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Cisco Live – a Shared Experience

Someone always asks me why Tech Field Day doesn’t do some kind of virtual event. Instead of flying people in from all over the world, why not just do it through video conference. My answer is always the same: people matter. Getting in a room with some of the best and brightest in the industry is much different than just waving through a webcam. It’s the same for a variety of conferences.

Josh Warcop has a great summary of the importance of face-to-face discussions from Cisco Live. I thought this passage was pretty spot-on when it comes to highlighting why you need to have people in the same room:

Shared experiences are part of living life. Why do you enjoy eating together? Maybe you don’t. Why do you enjoy watching movies together? Maybe you don’t. Why do you enjoy going to the lake or the beach? Maybe you don’t.

Josh has some more great thoughts about the shared experience of Cisco Live. He’ s also going to be joining us in-person at Networking Field Day 21 next month. I can’t wait to see him there!

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