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Using Cisco’s DevNet “All-in-One VM” as a Free Router Lab

Paul Stewart of PacketU comments:

I know many have been [not so patiently] waiting for the arrival of a  Cisco  virtual lab. Although I haven’t heard any official release date for VIRL or CML, there is a small scale virtual router lab available today. This lab is the All-in-One Virtual Machine made available on the Cisco DevNet site.

While not a comprehensive lab, it is a quick and easy way to get some real command line  experience or test  smaller layer 3 challenges. This VM includes 3 routers with a total of 10 routed interfaces in use. There is no access to layer 2, so the topology can only be manipulated by shutting down interfaces on the routers.

Paul has a great overview of using the DevNet router VM as a lab for learning purposes.

Read more at: Using Cisco’s DevNet “All-in-One VM” as a Free Router Lab

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