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Use CloudPhysics to Determine How Much SSD Cache to Buy

Eric Shanks of The IT Hollow comments:

CloudPhysics continually surprises me with their innovation when providing cards for simulation purposes. I’ve posted a couple of times already about how I really like their AWS pricing calculator (they also have vCHS as well).  Having a good idea about how much your existing environment will cost if you make modifications is a pretty big win for a CIO.

While I was at  GestaltIT’s  Virtualization Field Day 3, two weeks ago,  Irfan Ahmed  showed us a new card that would simulate how much SSD Cache you should buy based on your current workloads.

I love this particular use case for CloudPhysics that Eric highlights. Real numbers are hard to argue with when it comes to increasing the amount of SSD cache. Why not let the performance do the talking for you?

Read more at:  Use CloudPhysics to Determine How Much SSD Cache to Buy

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