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In defense of pizza boxes

Jeff Wilson of Agnostic Computing comments:

Lately on the Twitters there has been much praise  among my friends and colleagues for what I like to think of as datacenters on dollies: Cisco’s UCS, FlexPod, Dell’s vStart etc…You know what these are as I’m sure you’ve come across them: pre-configured, pre-engineered datacenters you can roll out to the datacenter floor, align carefully and then -put your back into it lads!- carefully drop onto the elevated tiles. Then you grab that bulky L1430P and jack the  stack into your 220v 30 amp circuit that has A/B power and bam! #InfrastructureGlory achieved.

Jeff has a great argument here: Not everyone needs blade servers. They make sense for some applications and not for others. Before you give your old pizza box 1U servers the heave-ho, read what he has to say.

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