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Double VCDX (DCV & NV) — What Does It All Mean?

Wahl Network comments:

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) directory was recently updated with a new wave of candidates that have successfully participated in the Network Virtualization track. I am very happy to say that I am one of those folks who successfully went through the process and am now a double VCDX (data center and network virtualization).

Network Virtualization, or VCDX-NV, is a new track that is being developed by a number of passionate folks in the NSBU and Education / Certification groups at VMware, starting with a four month long series of workshops and training called the NSX Ninja program and ending with full fledged architecture designs and defenses  that any normal candidate for DCV would have to pass based on a non-public version of the VCDX-NV blueprint that was provided. You can read a bit more about the NSX Ninja program in my blog post VMware To Offer Hands-On Expert Level Certification for NSX.

I used to joke that Cisco wasn’t really serious about a technology until there was a CCIE for it. Now, VMware seems to be getting serious about network virtualization, having updated the VCDX to include a network track. Better get to studying!

Read more at: Double VCDX (DCV & NV) — What Does It All Mean?

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