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EMC (Finally) Releases the XtremIO All-Flash Array!

Jason Nash writes on his blog:

It’s about damn time.  For those playing along at home you may remember that in May of last year EMC bought XtremIO for $430M.  It’s been a long wait.  EMC has been testing and shipping XtremIO arrays under DA (Direct Availability) for a while and now it’s time for it to go GA (General Availability).  In this post I’m going to skip the comparison to other arrays on the market.  I’m going to tell you what was released, how it works, and what it does.  Check back later for my opinion on how XtremIO stacks up against the competition.  

Jason has a great look at the new XtremIO all-flash array from EMC. Can this help them break into a hot market that’s already saturated with smaller, hungrier competitors?

Read more at: EMC (Finally) Releases the XtremIO All-Flash Array!

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