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On experts, influencers, and evangelists

Gina Minks of G’s View of the World writes:

Sometimes the power, attention, and perks of being an expert or an evangelist can go to one’s head. I’ve been on both sides of this. When you are the go-to person on a particular topic (i.e. “expert”) — by people you don’t know, who may be way above your pay grade — that can be very heady. The attention that you get is seductive; do you alter how or what you write to impress the powers that be so you continue getting the perks? Do you start to believe the hype people say about you? I found it hard to keep my perspective and to continuing to learn hone my expertise when I got all starry eyed and started becoming unbalanced.

Great thoughts on experts and influencers from Gina. Read on to hear what she things needs to be done to solve some of these issues.

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